Collaborative marketplace for writers
Batch: 2018 Winter
Status: Unsuccessful


Collaborative marketplace for writers
Batch: 2018 Winter
Status: Unsuccessful


Collaborative marketplace for writers

Through our Collab-Room MVP:
We are connecting writers with ideas to create original content that is publishable. Connect original content to online reader audiences and connect established writers to business and interested filmmakers to create television shows, animation, movies and signature stories.


Private testing of 4 collabwriting teams while leveraging a Slack for the group, google docs and zoom conference call. We have 4 short stories between 2 to 5 pages formed within one and half week.

Both of us have full-time jobs so we have been focusing part time on this endeavor in the afternoon and during the weekends.

In the Slack group we have a total of 20 people:
Collabwriting-in-person team 1: 3 people
Collabwriting online team 1: 2 people
Collabwriting-in-person team 2: 4 people
Collabwriting-in-person team 3: 4 people

From our key customer archetype and the most valuable are individuals who don’t think they can write.


Writers deserve more creative freedom, wealth and abundance from their art. The current publishing, writing and film-making industries are very top down. This idea came from my own personal life. As an avid reader, poet and fiction writer working on my first novel around my immigrant experience coming to the United States, I’ve always felt I didn’t have a creative community that i could share and bounce my ideas with nor did I have proper connections to understand the writing field, nor make my writing much more of a reality while building my skills and growing my reader audience that could then afford me my dream of having a critical voice in our society and culture today in spite of everything that is occurring in the U.S.

Having experienced different problems over the years such as writers block, not having enough time to create, not being held accountable to somebody else nor having a reliable editor, I first and foremost wanted to explore ways in which people’s creativity could thrive as well as get connect them with the right people to get their stuff out there.

Every single person that has gone through this process has expressed immense joy of collaboratively creating with others. Before we got started, Bshara and I market tested by contacting writers and freelancers through Survey Monkey, then conducted many phone and in-person interviews. It was then and there we discovered a vast array of the problems/pain points similarly to what I had experience extended to much more people not just writers but many creative entrepreneurs. Many people right now need this.
We are starting with connecting writers to readers.

At the core of what we are building is a decentralized production collab team that allows people to create together in a fun way. We are focused on making a structured process where people can collaborate and explore their creativity in an unfettered way both in person and online. We want to charge people to join a CollabRoom group to create with others original content then connect them with the right people to have their finished product (book) distributed to different markets and audiences (readers and filmmakers). We want to cut out the agent and give people an equal footing in having more access to opportunities of getting their work (seen by the right people) out to the world. Through the collabroom we can address many pain points bring them more accountability, structure and time, confidence in growing as a better writer then having a voice and influence to make a difference in the world.

People go on Reddit to collaborate writing. People even go to college and spend four entire years to learn how to write. People sign up for writing workshops to break their writers block. People submit their screenplays and novels in thousands yet just few a few are picked by major publishing companies and certain narratives that impact the world negatively are repeated.

As for established writers who often lack the wealth from the small royalties they receive, we want to connect them together with other published writers through the collabroom through which they can work to meet Businesses needs and create the kind of unique storytelling that can inspire employees and business leadership as a mean to get paid and find the time to write.

We fear Reedsy the most.

Our business is focused around the creative process and finding the best way for people to collaborate from the get go, unclog their creativity and create best stories and product for the best audience.

If done right this can eliminate the agents role within many industry and provide direct access to many creatives within the writing industry, entertainment and filmmaker.

This November with our soft launch during the “National Novel Writing Month”. We are going to charge creative writers $10/month to participate in the collaborative process. Charge readers $1/month to get access to the platform where they can follow writers and read their up to date stories as they write it, they can read for free. Sales will be through Amazon, Print on Demand, bookstores and contract with filmmakers and businesses for signature stories. Most royalties will go to Writers %50 — Editors, Illustrator and marketing %35 — Syllble %15.

Through social proof of created stories we will use word of mouth and then attract established writers and filmmakers who can create social buzz about our platform. We have also thought of making this an invite only community at first that can create a sense of exclusivity.


I have discovered that when I write fiction stories, characters within the stories often begin to take a life of their own and they almost take the lead in the direction that they want to go. You almost have to listen to them, understand their needs and why they do what they do to create the world around them. It reminds me of the process of listening to the customer.


We have nothing to lose but everything to gain in really building something people will have fun with and love. Plus also having the chance to have a real impact in the world and bringing underrepresented ideas and voices to the table of storytelling is invaluable.

CouchSurfing Meetup back in NY 2015 from a now Founder of a backed company at Y Combinator


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