A virtual and hybrid event platform.
Batch: 2019 Summer
Status: Successful


A virtual and hybrid event platform.
Batch: 2019 Summer
Status: Successful


Enterprise all in one event marketing SaaS

InEvent is the Salesforce for events. Our end-to-end marketing solution simplifies trainings, events and travel logistics with cloud technology.

InEvent is an all in one platform that allows you to use multiple solutions (website, registration, mobile app, hospitality, check-in, badge printing, budgeting, etc) altogether, without having to upload data 3-4x times on different pages.

Everything is available on the cloud, 24x7, for you and your attendees. Most of our competitors have modules that don't talk with each other, we solved this by creating a solid foundation that all of our solutions are built upon.

We have already successfully improved more than 12,400 events, ​boosting more than 2,390,000 registrations so far.​ We have integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, Oracle, Microsoft, and other vendors to create a simple, easy-to-use marketing ecosystem for all our customers.

We live in São Paulo/Brazil. The company will be based in the US: TX, CA, or NY.


Yes! We won a global hackathon in Miami! See this report:

We met in College, in Brazil, in 2011. University of São Paulo as engineer students. We have been colleagues and then working together for more than 8 years now. We are very direct, very transparent and we discuss everything between us.


We have an ARR of 1,1 million USD dollars. We are growing 120% per year. We have 30 people working with us. We have customers in 12 countries. In the last 12 months 85% of our customers buy upsells or renew.

Full time for 4 years, all 3 founders. We will hit 5 years on November 4th, 2019. We have a commitment to work on this at least until 2030 or 1 billion in revenue, whichever comes first.

45 active customers, 250 customers on our whole history (in the beginning, we had a lot of one time events). Each customer pays an average of about 25,000 dollars per year. Our largest contract is 212,000 dollars per year. We currently have customers in India, China, Singapore, USA, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Chile, South Africa and Brazil. Our best customers are Embraer, Santander and XP. We are very proud of them because they are global - they use our product in multiple countries - and being global is our vision for 2030. Other known customers that we have are Coca-Cola, Amazon, Bosch, Bayer, KPMG, Honda, DuPont, Ely Lilly and Carrefour.

our revenue is better calculated per year:

2015 - 39,000 USD

2016 - 225,000 USD

2017 - 696,000 USD 2018 - 1,151,000 USD

We applied in 2015. At that time we had just started and we had only 8,000 dollars in ARR Since then we have increased our revenue to more than one million dollars.

Yes, we participated in Lisbon Challenge pre-accelerator program for 3 months. They did not take any equity.


We saw how enterprise software is slow and bulky and outdated. We selected events and marketing, but we could work with anything related to enterprise software. We believe there is a long term opportunity here to build a billion dollar marketing and events CRM platform.

So far there are a lot of platforms that do one part of the job: there are mobile apps for events, there are registration systems, there are check-in systems, but they are not all in one, they don't have compliance such SOC 2 or they are not global language, time zone and currency compatible. Today people resort to Microsoft Excel (yes, I know).

Cvent and etouches and splashthat. splashthat is the newest one (founded 2012) and they have raised 10 million USD, but our biggest fear is us not being able to meet our potential.

The integration between parts. People think that their system is so special for the customer. The current enterprise now has more than 35 SaaS solutions, your solution is just part of a bigger thing. So make your best effort to connect well with the other 34 or so SaaS platforms. Data should flow easily within the org.

By charging our customers. Our largest competitor, cvent, makes 260 million dollars per quarter. We believe we can hit one billion dollars in ARR in 12 years.

5 strategies:

- outbound - inside sales - sales people at our office calling / emailing enterprise companies offering our product

- inbound - content marketing

- corporate ventures (example is Oracle Global Startup Accelerator program, which we are part of and allows us to sell software to Oracle)

- networking leagues, such as EO and general networking at events - trade shows, such as IMEX Europe.


I had an issue when ordering sushi rolls from Japanese bars. I wanted them without cream cheese. It was hard. I got in trouble sometimes. People said they could not "customize food" for me. So I discovered a trick. I started saying I was allergic to cream cheese. It solved the problem. How you sell is very important. Keep trying until you make it.


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