Lead generator for in house talent teams
Batch: 2019 Summer
Status: Unsuccessful


Lead generator for in house talent teams
Batch: 2019 Summer
Status: Unsuccessful


We generate leads for in house talent teams

Employbl is a subscription service to supplement the sourcing efforts of in-house talent teams. We focus on Digital Marketing and Engineering opportunities in the Bay Area for budding talent teams, Seed to Series C.


I’m working on the project full time, recruiting for two startups and a little over one hundred candidates have signed up. The site works but I need to build more into the candidate search and have better candidates and more companies onboard.

I had the idea and registered the domain name back in 2016 when I was a technical recruiter at a recruiting agency in San Francisco! It was a side project that landed on the front page of hacker news back in July. That was exciting for about two seconds. I’ve been working on this full time for about a month.

I’m partnering with Lob and Snapdocs to help them source talent and hire.
There are 142 active candidates in the system right now, that’s skilled individuals taking a proactive approach to finding a new job. When new job postings come in from employers, I source for those companies particularities like years of experience and knowledge of certain tools. It’s nice having quality candidates come inbound though!

I focused on number of candidates signing up for a few weeks, but after feedback from a hiring manager and friend of mine I’ve realized that it’s the quality of relevant candidates and how I present that information, not the number of candidate signups that’s important. I’ll be spending my time going forward building better matching tools so that employers see relevant candidates and don’t have to spend wasted time reviewing resumes.


I picked this idea to work on because of my experience hunting for jobs as a junior engineer in the Bay and my experience as a technical recruiter. There’s no way it’s necessary to charge 15–40% of people’s first year salary to make hires. I worked hard as a recruiter and brought in over a million dollars for my agency but saw that everybody’s candidate database is siloed. It didn’t feel right to be protecting and hiding candidate info to make sure I got paid. I know people need this because of the thousands of candidate conversations, personal experience and the fact that companies still pay agency recruiting fees, even to software companies like Hired and Vettery.

Employbl is new on the employer side because there’s no hiding candidate information or charging per hire. Our job is to provide qualified talent leads to internal recruiting teams, just like marketing teams funnel leads to sales teams.

For candidates we provide a rich (open source) database of Bay Area companies to assist them when job hunting. This isn’t new but sites like Craft and Crunchbase charge people to use it, which isn’t something job seekers are willing to buy.

Hired, AngelList (Source and A-List), Vetterey, Indeed sourcing, Third party recruiting agencies.

Information should be open and accessible to all, especially candidates who want jobs. Hiding candidate info

Employbl is a subscription service for young companies, seed to series C.
8 cities, 300 companies per city signed up at $500/month = ~$14 million ARR
at $250/month = ~$7 million ARR.

The company discovery tools and rich information about companies helps bring active candidates inbound. When new job openings come in from our partner companies the requirements are specific so I need to tap into my network and hit the phones to find them leads, traditional recruiting work!

For bringing on initial employers as early adopters I’ll be relying on friends and word of mouth. We’re at two companies right now and haven’t made any placements yet so need that dialed in! Once I start making placements I have an entire database of companies to reach out to and offer my services.


One idea is to have personal shoppers in Cape Town send swag to Americans.

When I was in Rwanda I worked with a friend on a software solution for a dairy factory called Cows N Hills. Never applied to YC with it but could’ve been awesome.

The most confident candidates after the interview never gets the job.


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